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Pre-Sue and Status Reports

C and L Investigations brings vast knowledge and unmatched resources to bear on finding out the financial status of subjects, be it if a subject is employed of unemployed or has well-hidden property or other assets; our investigators have successfully concluded some of the most sophisticated asset searches in the UK and overseas.

If you have successfully obtained a County Court Judgment (CCJ) that you need to enforce, C and L will be able to assist you in locating assets to claim back what is rightfully owed to you.

C and L Investigations understands it can be a complex task determining a subject’s financial status or their propensity to pay a debt, being experts in all aspects of fact-finding and critical analysis.
We can quickly identify a subject’s financial status or circumnavigate the tangled web of shell companies, proxies, banking havens, or interlocking corporate structures that defendants often use to hide assets deliberately.
Our advanced status reporting service is an excellent way to trace and locate a debtor’s assets before and after legal proceedings to determine a subject’s propensity to pay or discharge their legal obligations.