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Debtor Tracing Services

What is debtor tracing?

Debtor tracing services help to locate individuals who have skipped an address to avoid paying money so that  debt collection can proceed. There are many reasons to need to trace a debtor but the most common is a lack of a forwarding address from their last known location, this can be intentional to avoid payment of debt. As well as just locating the individual tracing can often identify assets or employment so enforcement of the debt can be successful 

Leading Debt Tracing Agency

C and L Investigations has been a forerunner in debtor tracing and work with many leading law firms we have resources many of our competitors don’t we currently have access to well over 220 Million Consumers and 140 Million households records and Access to 100 million wireless phone numbers including additional contact data such as emails We use a wide range of data from multiple organisations and systems to provide and validate accurate addresses, including but not limited to alternative phone numbers and email addresses for subjects.

Find Someone Who Owes You Money

C and L Investigations has an impeccable blue-chip client base and is one of the few tracing agents to hold ISO9001 and 27001 Our Investigators are qualified to LLB Hons and EDI Level 4 in investigations. As such we are the professional’s choice regarding debtor tracing.

It’s estimated that nearly 3 million people in the UK may have moved house at any one time, which is around 11% of the entire population.

Many of these subjects will not inform creditors of their move or provide a forwarding address often leaving outstanding debts and creditors in their wake. As such effective debtor tracing is essential in recovering debts, C and L Investigations understand this can only be achieved if the right tracing tools and expertise are utilised.

C and L Investigations has a vast range of powerful tracing tools and data sets, many that our competitors don’t. These tools can help locate even the most elusive subjects.

Debtor Tracing Pricing

At Corporate & Legal Investigations, we know that being owed money can be a stressful and frustrating time, especially when the person or business owing you the money has become evasive or difficult to locate.

That is why we offer four levels of debtor tracing, each one more comprehensive than the last.

Speak to our experienced debt tracers today and find out what level of people tracing you require to begin the process of getting your money back. Just remember, you must have a lawful and legitimate  reason to be tracing somebody. Normally legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings will satisfy this.

How much does debtor tracing cost?

Our team of experienced people tracers can dedicate huge resources to help you locate the person who owes you money but sometimes, searches require a little more depth to reach the desired result. This is why there are four varying levels of people tracing available.

Bronze-level debtor tracing

This is our basic level people tracing option, and only requires a little additional information from yourself to get the trace underway.

You will need to provide our team with the last known address of the person owing you money. This address must be no more than 10 years old for us to be able to begin our searches.

We then use open-source data to search for the individual. In most cases, if they have been applying for credit, or been regularly keeping their details up to date, this search can be resolved fairly quickly. Once located, we send you a report showing a clear audit trail. This report is secure and can only be accessed by a password.

To benefit from this fast but basic search will cost just £40 + VAT.

Silver-level debtor tracing

If you know that your debtor has moved recently and is not likely to have updated any records, the silver level of service would be your best option.

One of our Level Four EDI investigators will personally handle your case and help you get the result you require.

Using all available sources, they will carry out enquiries to establish the whereabouts of your debtor. The search will be able to establish the individual’s current financial status as well as whether they are being pursued for any other debts.

In addition, contact email addresses, phone numbers and other methods of contact will be provided where available, so you can begin the process of debt recovery.

This level of people tracing is particularly useful to those chasing debt.

Once we have located the individual, you are sent a password-protected report that contains a detailed audit trail as well as confirmations relating to the individual. To protect yourself, as well as our own interest, these reports all comply with Government legislation.

To have this type of search carried out will cost £85 + VAT. However, should there be some urgency in your need to locate your debtor, we can offer an express service too – simply ask our team about this.

Gold-level debtor tracing

Our premium-level domestic debtor tracing service provides you with a high-end investigation service carried out by an LLB Hons EDI Level 4 award-winning investigator.

This particular way to trace a debtor utilises all of our in-house resources, as well as field agents. Our investigator will carry out a thorough investigation based on the information provided by you as well as any information obtained throughout the search.

Once complete, we will be able to confirm not only the address of the individual, but also financial status, employment status and the propensity to pay any debt. This level of report also divulges the debtor’s assets and whether there are other outstanding debts against them.

When the password-protected reports are ready, as well as the above-mentioned content, you will also receive a detailed audit trail allowing for full transparency and an opportunity for you to fully understand the debtor’s current situation, as well as the complete information relating to their tracing.

This report should be utilised by those who are involved in claims that amount to £5,000 or above. However, should your claim be for a lesser amount, speak to our team about how our premium debtor tracing can work for you.

Within this level of service, we can also offer photo and video evidence should it be required. This may incur an additional charge, but our representatives will be happy to discuss the options with you so that your debtor tracing delivers exactly what you require.

Our gold-level debtor tracing costs just £250 + VAT.

International debtor tracing

Should you know or have reason to believe that your debtor is now living abroad, our international service brings together the highest-level search and international agents to locate your debtor so you can begin to recover your money.

This is a high-end premium debtor trace that allows one of our LLB Hons EDI level 4 award-winning investigators. With vast experience in international debtor tracing, they will utilise not just all our in-house resources but also those of our international trace and field agents.

With access to over 250 countries, our investigator can confirm the debtor’s address, assets, financial status, employment status and propensity to pay.

Typically, these reports are carried out when the sum owed is £10,000 or more where assets must be located to be able to enforce judgements abroad. However, should the amount you are seeking to reclaim be less, simply speak to our team who will be delighted to assist you in recovering your debt.

In addition to receiving a password-protected report, you will also be able to obtain video or photo evidence should it be necessary. Depending on what is required, this may come with an additional fee.

International debtor tracing with C&L Investigations is just £450 + VAT.

With any debtor tracing, you must have a lawful and legitimate interest in tracing your debtor with C&L Investigations. In some instances, we may require additional information to be able to pursue your case.


Tracing a debtor can often be a complicated task made even more challenging with the recent introduction of GDPR and the strict legal and regulatory frameworks tracing agents have to work within. For your peace of mind, C and L Investigations hold the following accreditations:

  • ISO9001 & ISO27001 Certification
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Fully ICO Registered & GDPR compliant
  • Full Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Full Members of The Association of British Investigators
  • Senior management qualified to LLB Hons  and EDI Level 4
  • Experts in Evidence Gathering

Debtor tracing works by locating people or businesses that owe you money so you can proceed with collecting the debt owed to you. By utilizing the information from credit and fraud prevention agencies, the electoral roll, and a host of other data sources. We can normally trace a subject within three days, we have some of the fastest turnarounds in the sector.

No, a debt tracer does not collect your money, but our silver reports can give you the subject’s propensity to be able to pay a debt. 

A debtor trace could take less than 24 hours, but it could also take a few days. Much depends on the information we start with and the information we obtain. Using our specialist tracing technology, we aim to deliver a result within 7 days.

We have some of the highest success rates in the sector and if we can’t locate the subject, we can normally provide you with comprehensive information on what the next steps are. 

  • Yes, we can. Our debtor tracing services are available at a host of different levels suited to your needs. Starting with a bronze  trace a person service that simply searches credit referencing agencies  and other basic sources
  • We have Access to over 220 Million Consumer records and 140 Million Household Records
  • Access to 100 million wireless phone numbers and data, including emails   
  • As well as Access to all Major Credit Referencing Agencies

At Corporate and Legal Investigations, we believe in total transparency with pricing. We can offer the most basic debtor tracing for as little as £40 and a high-end, comprehensive, fully international debtor tracing for just £450. Why not speak to a debt tracing agent today?

As a general rule, to be able to use our services and solutions, you will need to ensure you have a lawful and legitimate interest for instructing us, normally legal proceedings. In some instances, we may require additional information from you to satisfy our legal and regulatory obligations.

Yes. We are members of the Association of Professional Investigators the Civil Enforcement Services Association and registered by the ICO and members of the Institute of Paralegals as well as holding many other accreditations and memberships. including ISO9001 and 27001.

This will depend on the subject’s propensity to be able to pay. Our silver report will provide you with this information.

This will depend on the contract you have with the person who owes you money and if your matter is post or pre-legal.