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Asset Tracing

Our Asset investigation and Litigation Support services are tailored to the needs of clients and frequently support the legal strategies of counsel and law firms. Through investigative analysis of an opponent’s assets, we can bring essential information to light and are able to provide clients with the best information and insight on how best to proceed both post and pre-enforcement.

Asset tracing is a cornerstone of our business. Here the search for the proverbial “paper trail” presents constant hurdles. To unlock the financial puzzle of our subjects’ assets, we not only have to find evidence but also obtain it in a legal manner.

C and L Investigations understands that the litigation involving the dissipation of assets or a substantial claim against another party requires not only quantifying the loss, but also a strategy for the recovery of the assets to cover that loss.

Wrongdoers can transfer assets and funds around the world, hide behind complex offshore corporate structures and dissipate assets. C and L understand for a successful recovery, you need experienced professionals who understand how these structures work.

C and L Investigations have conducted and concluded a number of extensive multi-jurisdictional and cross border complex asset investigations, and are experts at assisting with commercial and high-end litigation.

In addition, our Investigators are qualified the LLB Hons and EDI level 4 in investigations and have a very good understanding of the Civil Evidence Act and Norwich Pharmacal orders which can be utilised to support a complex investigation or enquiry and when used quickly, it can uncover information that may thwart the dissipation of assets and avoid long and costly enforcement proceedings .

C and L Investigations also understands the difference between evidence and intelligence and our efforts consistently result in trial-ready evidence that will constantly stand up to scrutiny in court. Some scenarios we assisted clients with include:

  • Tracing property & verifying ownership
  • Tracing Subjects in the Dark Web
  • Identifying vehicle and vessel ownership
  • Identifying an individual’s source of wealth post legal
  • Identifying corporate affiliations and UBOs in offshore jurisdictions
  • Divorce, hidden assets trace and recovery

For your peace of mind C and L Investigations hold ISO9001 and 27001 and are experts in the law of Evidence Contract and Tort C and L also have full UK coverage and the world should it be required.