A diverse range of trace, investigation and legal support services

Our clients include the
legal profession, insurance
industry, finance sector and
commerce in general...

Litigation and Legal Support Services

High-stake disputes and litigation can result in wasted costs if mishandled, they can result in reputational damage, payouts, lost assets, and unrecovered fees. C and L Investigations Intelligence litigation support professionals have a distinguished track record of working with clients through even the most demanding of disputes, deploying a broad array of investigative resources

Bespoke Investigations

Our litigation support services are tailored to the needs of the client and frequently support the legal strategies of counsel and law firms. Through investigative analysis of an opponents reputation, history, and potentially available assets, we can bring essential information to light and are able to provide clients with the best information and insight to manage a dispute. These efforts regularly result in trial-ready evidence in compliance with the civil evidence act or Pace that will consistently stand up to scrutiny in court

Wholistic Approach

Our professionals cover the entire spectrum of modern investigative theory and practice, with experts qualified to LLB Hons and EDI Level 4 our investigators are able to approach each investigation holistically, looking at it from every angle, whether in support of our clients’ allegations or in response to those of their opponents.

Making the Case

By combining advanced technologies and methodologies with traditional investigative work, we are able to deploy the resources needed to make or b break a client’s case