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Staff Vetting Checks for Employment

C and L Investigations Financial Credit Check gives you the peace of mind that your candidates or employees have no history of financial mismanagement. This is of vital importance if you are recruiting for an FCA regulated role or a position that involves the handling of money, accounts or sensitive personal data. Through screening, thorough pre-employment credit checks C and L Investigations is the first line in safeguarding your business’s integrity, reputation and security.

We have direct access to a wide range of consumer databases with all major credit referencing agencies including Transunion Experian and Equifax. Our pre-employment credit check can, therefore, deliver clear, concise and detailed reports almost instantly for your peace of mind C and L hold ISO9001 and 27001 and are PCI DSS compliant

We check County Court Judgements (CCJs), bankruptcies, voluntary arrangements, decrees and administration orders for the last six years. Our Adverse Financial Check also consults the candidate’s electoral roll registration to confirm their current address and previous addresses we will also look at any social media activity and check previous employers and any other information that comes to light, in short, there is no other more detailed check than the C and L financial check

We have turnaround times of 24 hours and an express service of 1 hour is available at a small surcharge for details of costings and how to instruct us please call 0208 755 7591 and ask for the Financial check Team