A diverse range of trace, investigation and legal support services

Our clients include the
legal profession, insurance
industry, finance sector and
commerce in general...

Criminal Defence Experts in both Civil and Criminal Law

C and L Investigations can work with your solicitors or your legal counsel to present your defence case in court. Creating your case depends on the work of a dedicated team of professionals committed to finding the evidence that your legal team will rely on or the prosecution has failed to disclose

Most importantly the evidence we obtain will comply with Pace 1984 and not fall foul of Pace S78 and any interviews will comply with (PACE) 67(7B)

C and L Investigations investigators are qualified to LLB Hons and EDI Level 4 investigations as such we understand the actus retus and mens rea of a crime and the prosecution’s case and the standard of proof and burden of proof that the prosecution needs to meet.

However importantly we understand the rules on evidence including but not limited to that of

  • Bad character
  • Hearsay and the statutory exceptions
  • Opinion Evidence
  • Witness Competency and Compellability

Our Teams have successfully found evidence that has supported defence proceedings and acquittals in offences involving cases below

Our hourly rates start at £ 250 and are some of the most competitive in the sector If you have been wrongly accused or your liberty is at stake please call us on 0208 755 7931 for a free consultation